How Will I Be As Time Goes On?

Today i felt more exhausted than i have been in about a week. I was dragging trying to find things to keep me awake and busy. I decided to write the doctors that have helped me and cared for me in this journey. I wanted to make it special so i decided to do it myself. Went to the store to buy some blank cards and some decor for them. As I got home i realized i grabbed envelopes instead.. ugh.

My pain and soreness is still bad from the other day, i could really feel it in my shoulder and back today. Wasn’t able to do as much as i wanted to which disappoints me. I ended up falling asleep around 3:00pm and slept till around 5:40pm. I woke up tired with a bad headache, which thankfully is starting to go away.

I wish I had energy during the day time as i have a lot of things that need to get done. I feel like i’m not doing enough in my everyday life, i’m either really fatigued or sick. Looking back now at all the things i was able to do and loved like dance it saddens me that i can’t do that anymore. As of now i get tired and achy from washing my hair. How is life going to be as time goes on? Will i have trouble doing more things? These questions i wonder everyday..

Stay Beautiful!



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