Boy oh boy it’s been a long past couple weeks. Spent one Thursday evening in the emergency room after i fell down a couple steps. As i was walking down my knee dislocated and my ankle gave out and my full body weight went onto my bent ankle. My mom and sister took me to the hospital and after hours of x rays and waiting we were told it was a bad sprain and possible damage to my tendons, ligaments, and muscles. As the days went on i had bad swelling and bruising. I was so bummed that i was going to miss prom but i wasn’t giving that chance up for nothing! If i had to go to prom in a wheel chair i would’ve!

A couple days after the accident It still was pretty painful so they gave me a boot to wear.

Stay beautiful!



Been A While!! :(

Hey everyone! I apologize that i haven’t written in a while! I have had a lot of things going on both positive and negative. I will be trying to write everyday or so now that things are calming down! Get ready for a couple BIG posts! Can’t wait to get back on here and share my journey hopefully being able to help someone!

Stay Beautiful!