♥ Spoonies?

What does being a spoonie mean?

Spoonies are people who live their lives with chronic illness. Basically spoons represent emotional and physical energy. We start each day with spoons and every action takes some of the spoons. The bigger the job the more spoons. “Running out of spoons” is a way to tell others you’ve used all your energy.

What takes the most spoons?

 ♥ I would have to say washing my hair is exhausting I have really long get real tired and really sore arms.

How did you find out about Spoonies?

  I first heard about it when I started my blog! I was confused of what it meant at first so i researched and asked others. I now have a very good understanding of it all!

How Does it feel that others are in the same situation?

  Honestly, It’s saddening. I know first hand what some of the pain feels like. Everyone is different so personally I am really effected by my energy loss and pain. It’s the type of feeling no one should have to go through. The exhaustion is constant for me. I wake up feeling i could sleep for years. I can’t do anything someone my age could do, such as sports and being up on my feet for long periods of time.

-Stay beautiful!




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