♥ Chronic Illness Must Haves

Chronic Illness Must Haves

Ice packs and hot packs!

These are amazing to have for absolutely anything! Also, if you’re clumsy like me it’s good to have a couple on hand! (step by step on previous post!)

A nice big pillow!

I am constantly uncomfortable and in pain, it’s nice to have for back support and other areas like the knees, hips, neck etc.


In order for me to get comfortable and content with where i am at, blankets are a must for me! Doesn’t matter the weather i need a blanket handy!

Relaxing activities!

For me personally adult coloring books, some colored pens, and music is a must! I can take them anywhere with me! i can even take them in the car and to the doctors!

Comfort items!

I always carry comfort items of all kinds with me! I always have some books, tea, candies, pictures, etc in my bag! Sometimes it seems endless! Haha

Comfortable clothing!

Comfortable clothing is a must! Maybe you want to be comfortable on a long ride to the doctors or even around your house! It doesn’t help adding uncomfortable clothing to the mix of pain and discomfort were already in! I usually carry around a pair of fuzzy socks!

A journal/book to write in!

If you are like me and do better writing down what you are feeling more than talking, it helps! A lot of times i write down what i feel because i can’t always explain verbally. I then go and talk about and show my mom and the people i trust!

Those are some of the things that help me! I hope i was able to give some ideas that may make you a bit more comfortable! Feel free to share your ideas!

-Stay Beautiful!



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