♥ How I Sleep With Chronic Pain!

How I Sleep With Chronic Pain

Hello! Back again with a post on a topic that people were wondering!

The question…How do I sleep with Chronic Pain? It’s tough and not easy, but lets go!

Pillows !

I LOVE pillows! That’s the only way i can get comfortable! I even use them during the day to help support my back when i am sitting! At night their a lifesaver! Especially for women! Us women have more curves than men do, it’s easy at night to get uncomfortable and feel restless. It’s nice to have a pillow for your head, the curve in your waist, and in between your knees. It levels your body out that way you can relax and sleep more comfortably! There is a pillow out called “All Nighter Total Body Pillow” You can order it online, it will make sleep much more comfortable for your body and less pain! You can order it off the Walmart website for about $45.00-$50.00! There are other sites as well just search “All Nighter Total Body Pillow” and pick which ever you like best!



Blankets !

I personally love blankets! I get cold a lot cause my skin is thin so I keep them near by, doesn’t matter if it’s Summer or Winter i have to sleep with multiple blankets! It gives me more of a comfort feeling being wrapped up in pillows and blankets! The image below shows the blanket i have and love! It’s called “Mainstays Plush Blanket”, You can order it from Walmart for around $10.00-$17.00. I’m sure you can find them elsewhere as well! I love it! Very soft and comfortable! Comes in a couple colors.


Massage Chair !

I know this isn’t convenient for most people but let me tell you, it’s a great purchase! Different modes to fit your needs and also heats up! Coming from someone with chronic back pain this is a LIFESAVER!!! It really helps the places that hurt the most through out my entire back. It gets under my shoulder blades and all the places that I work the most! I love using this before bed, it really helps me relax my muscles and helps with the pain. It’s called “Triple Shiatsu Massage Cushion With Heat” there are many others like it at http://www.homedics.com. I know the bigger ones are quite pricey, so they have smaller hand held ones that does it’s job and is affordable!


Braces !

I make sure i have all my braces on before bed so nothing dislocates and moves when i’m sleeping! Knees, ankles, wrist, fingers, etc. It’s a pain having to put them on constantly but you’ll be thankful you did it in the long run!

Now one thing !

Knowing that you guys are out there that could relate to my post or who are going and went through similar situations, that’s what makes me sleep. It warms my heart with all you visiting my blog! Even if i could help just one person with my post, that’s all I need! Were a family and were in this together! If any of you have questions or need someone PLEASE ask and message me! I would love to help you! Thank you all for your support and love! Zebra Strong!


-Stay Beautiful!


*I do NOT own any of the pictures above*

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