♥ Things I Take With Me Places For Chronic Pain and Health!

Hello everyone! I’m back! Hope you all are doing well!

*I do NOT own the images below*

Let’s start with the most simple things!

Hand sanitizer !

No matter where i am at like the hospital or shopping I always carry hand sanitizer with me! It’s nice to have a quick clean after touching thing’s many other people has also touched. A lot of our immune systems don’t work right which means we’re more likely to catch a bug! Better to be safe than sorry!

Lotion and Chapstick (Preferably SPF) !

Since i’m lacking collagen my skin is thin and it gets chapped easily. No matter what time of the year, hot and cold my skin starts to crack and gets sore. It’s nice to have with me so i can put it on as i need to! Personally if i’m inside i love using the chapstick brand “total hydration”- coconut 3 in 1 lip care! I got mine at a local supermarket for about $3.00 totally worth it!



First Aid Kit !

I usually try to keep a little first aid kit with me because i’m so clumsy and it always seems to come in handy for something! I mainly pack bandages of all kinds and sizes, clean wipes, ointment (to help my injury disinfect and skin heal better), also some ibuprofen for when my pain gets to the max it helps ease it some!


 Sweets/candy !

I usually carry around hard candies like mints and butterscotch candies (My fave!), my mouth seems to get really dry and what not. Also, my blood sugar drops suddenly on occasions, This can get sooo annoying! They have many different flavors but i have been loving “Mentos NOWmints Spearmint -Sugar free” At my local supermarket they are no more than $3.00!




Water/something to keep hydrated !

I’m constantly having to get a drink and keep it near by. I get very dehydrated quickly especially now that it’s summer over here! It’s good to keep water around you all year no matter the condition! It’s recommended you drink half a gallon a day, i know it sounds like a lot but i look at it as 8 ounce drinks of water 8 times a day! You don’t have to drink it all right away, I like to space it out!

Braces !

Usually as soon as I wake up i’m able to tell whats going to give me problems that day. I have many different braces from dislocating, tearing, breaking – They always come in handy so I save them knowing i more than likely will have another occurrence. I keep them all in a safe place so I know where they are at and i’m able to reach it! The one below is the most recent one I got for my other knee. Where i got them it was roughly $20.00 but i recommend it. It’s soft, comfortable and has good flex on it so you can still bend a bit. The brand is Mueller, they seem to be very good quality and reliable from what I have tried of their products!


Those are some of the things I carry with me for both my pain and health! I have many more so if you’d like to see more it should be up soon! 🙂 Also! If you have something i didn’t list that i should have let me know!! Thank you!

-Stay Beautiful! !



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