♥ EDS- Stretch Marks? :/ ♥

Hello everyone! I have had this problem for a while now, and i would like to share it with you all to help some of you who may be in the same situation.

When I hear the words “stretch marks” i usually think of what you would see on the belly of a pregnant women, or someone who has lost and/or gained a larger amount of weight.

I never knew I had stretch marks until i went to my Orthopedic doctor and he checked my spine. Days before I had a physical, but it was unnoticed because i was wearing a sports bra and it was covering it. It was a great shock considering i have never seen them and i was only 95 pounds at the time. They were deep and purple also itchy in the middle of my back but i thought nothing of it. At the time they had no clue as to why they were there. Here was my back.. the first ones we noticed.


As a couple weeks past i kept checking to see if there were more. I noticed I had about 10-15 on each bum cheek but they were white and not too bad, so i wasn’t too worried, but kept an eye on them. I would use cocoa butter to try and help them fade and the itchiness.

About 3 months have past and I noticed I had more on my thighs, they are deep red. That’s when they got out of control, covering my thighs in deep red a purple stretch marks that looked like cuts all over my legs. The next day i discovered i had about 20 more stretch marks on my inner legs, they were kind of sore, so i continue to put cocoa butter all over my legs.

As I would look i got more and more every single day at least 5 smaller ones or so. They are now spreading down to my knees and calves and up the bottom of my back a bit. I continue to put on the cocoa butter to help sooth the soreness and itchiness and hope for them to fade.

Having stretch marks is one of my biggest insecurities, I hate showing my legs because of them. Most people my age doesn’t have them… especially like this. I usually wear jeans all year around or athletic pants. I’m currently trying out an essential cream specially for stretch marks. So keep an eye out! I’ll post updates as the cream hopefully works!

Thank you all for staying with me and liking my blog, as i was out for a little bit due to some more health issues and appointments. Lookout for those as well! I’m back and hopefully I will stay like this lol .

~Stay Beautiful! ♥


2 thoughts on “♥ EDS- Stretch Marks? :/ ♥”

  1. Hey Cassie! I read your post about stretch marks and I felt like I was reading about myself. I am also young, very thin and have EDS. I also first noticed the stretch marks on my back and then hips after I had a growth spurt. My friend told me it looked like I had been beaten with a whip. A little while later I got deep purplish-red colored stretch marks all over my inner and outer thighs. I then noticed that I had stretch marks behind my knees and going down my calves. Lastly, I noticed some of them on my bum and my sides. It’s something I’m incredibly insecure about. Like you, I only wear long pants even when it’s 90 degrees out. It’s been really hard for me to accept. It just feels so unfair. Nobody else my age has them. I’m so young to have my body completely ravaged by stretch marks especially given that I’m so thin. I just hope that one day I will be able to accept them.


    1. Hello! Where are you from?! I’m so sorry you have to experience this with EDS… It’s so tough to accept, i feltand sometimes feel so insecure and I felt left out. But one thing i told myself that i live by is they show your story, your bravey and battles, there is nothing more beautiful then your true self… I just want you to know they dont difine who you are or your beauty! Even though i don’t show them I came to peace with myself because of it! It doesn’t bother me as much as it did before, Theyre part of my story! Have you tried anything? contact me anytime
      Stay Beautiful!


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