♥ Why? -Living with A Chronic Illness/EDS

“Why” is what I ask myself everyday…

♥ Why must I be this way?

♥ Why do I have to be in so much pain?

♥ Why is my life changing?

But, there is always one other thing that pops up in my head and that is “what”…

♥ What did I do to deserve all of this?

All of the depression and heart ache because my future will never be as i planned.

My dream job and starting a family of my own ripped away from me because of this horrible illness. The feeling of crying myself to sleep at night knowing that this is reality and there is no way to fix it or make it go away.

People could look at me from the outside and may think nothing is wrong, but on the inside I’m in so much pain and slowly breaking into pieces. It’s saddening to know that there are people out around who are going through the same thing.

Not being believed and respected is a big part of chronic illness, I’m sure everyone has had their share of similar words from their doctors. That is the most frustrating thing…Nobody know your body as much as you do, if you’re feeling pain then you’re feeling pain, nothing in between. If a Doctor doesn’t help, push for another Doctor and keep standing strong!

I have one more why..

♥ Why not use this to help others?

Yes, life can be so unfair at times but, we can’t let this stop us. We need to keep our heads held up high and remember the future is not over.  We can move forward and do something so great!


Thank you all for reading my blog post I really appreciate it! Love you all!

♥ Stay Beautiful

– Cassie

♥ I would love to thank my family for being so supportive! I love you! ♥

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