♥ Things I Take With Me Places For Chronic Pain and Health!

Hello everyone! I’m back! Hope you all are doing well!

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Let’s start with the most simple things!

Hand sanitizer !

No matter where i am at like the hospital or shopping I always carry hand sanitizer with me! It’s nice to have a quick clean after touching thing’s many other people has also touched. A lot of our immune systems don’t work right which means we’re more likely to catch a bug! Better to be safe than sorry!

Lotion and Chapstick (Preferably SPF) !

Since i’m lacking collagen my skin is thin and it gets chapped easily. No matter what time of the year, hot and cold my skin starts to crack and gets sore. It’s nice to have with me so i can put it on as i need to! Personally if i’m inside i love using the chapstick brand “total hydration”- coconut 3 in 1 lip care! I got mine at a local supermarket for about $3.00 totally worth it!



First Aid Kit !

I usually try to keep a little first aid kit with me because i’m so clumsy and it always seems to come in handy for something! I mainly pack bandages of all kinds and sizes, clean wipes, ointment (to help my injury disinfect and skin heal better), also some ibuprofen for when my pain gets to the max it helps ease it some!


 Sweets/candy !

I usually carry around hard candies like mints and butterscotch candies (My fave!), my mouth seems to get really dry and what not. Also, my blood sugar drops suddenly on occasions, This can get sooo annoying! They have many different flavors but i have been loving “Mentos NOWmints Spearmint -Sugar free” At my local supermarket they are no more than $3.00!




Water/something to keep hydrated !

I’m constantly having to get a drink and keep it near by. I get very dehydrated quickly especially now that it’s summer over here! It’s good to keep water around you all year no matter the condition! It’s recommended you drink half a gallon a day, i know it sounds like a lot but i look at it as 8 ounce drinks of water 8 times a day! You don’t have to drink it all right away, I like to space it out!

Braces !

Usually as soon as I wake up i’m able to tell whats going to give me problems that day. I have many different braces from dislocating, tearing, breaking – They always come in handy so I save them knowing i more than likely will have another occurrence. I keep them all in a safe place so I know where they are at and i’m able to reach it! The one below is the most recent one I got for my other knee. Where i got them it was roughly $20.00 but i recommend it. It’s soft, comfortable and has good flex on it so you can still bend a bit. The brand is Mueller, they seem to be very good quality and reliable from what I have tried of their products!


Those are some of the things I carry with me for both my pain and health! I have many more so if you’d like to see more it should be up soon! 🙂 Also! If you have something i didn’t list that i should have let me know!! Thank you!

-Stay Beautiful! !



♥ True Friendship?

Hello everyone! I’m so sorry for not writing in a couple days, I had a lot on my mind. I would like to talk about one thing specific and that’s those who are really there for you.

As time has been going on I have learned a lot about who actually cares. There could be a friend who is going through some tough times that you extremely care about. I tried so hard to be the best friend i could be… I listened, helped, and cared more than anything. I was there day and night, listening to every word that was said and giving heart to heart advice. I always looked for ways to cheer them up and let them know they were loved. I cant stand seeing loved ones hurting and feeling down, it breaks my heart to pieces.

Slowly things started changing… I was going through hard times being both sick and in pain. Even when i was so sick i couldn’t move I still took the time to visit and check up and see how everything was. As time went on I noticed something… They weren’t there for me. I would go days and weeks, sometimes even months without hearing from them or checking in to see if i was okay. I felt hurt and forgotten thinking about it.. I still do feel hurt and forgotten. I was in a deep part of life where i was looking for my friends but i couldn’t see them. Most went their own ways with not a care in the world about me, almost like i was pushed to the side. As people started hearing and seeing how sick i was getting they would just walk away and not contact me anymore.

I try to reconnect with old friends who i knew from before, and that really showed me how fast people can change. They turn the story onto me as if everything was my fault.. I can’t help being in pain all the time! I never asked or wished for this, it’s something i had no say over. Why would i want to live everyday with constant pain? That’s right, I don’t. Everyday i wish i could be doing what people my age could do!

  • Playing Sports … Nope
  • Being able to eat normally  … Nope
  • Walking and running around … Nope
  • Going out with friends … Nope

Those are some of the small things that i wish i could do but physically can’t. I used to love playing and running around but as of now, I can’t even do a sit up. I may laugh about the things I can’t do, but inside it kills me. Will I ever be able to do something like that? Probably not. I feel like a young girl trapped in a body that can’t be my own for my age.

Everyday is hard thinking i’m not going to have the life i dreamed.. I’m going to have to change route. All I dreamed of as a little girl vanished before my eyes. But one thing i have that others don’t, is a way to connect and be there for people who are in similar situations and that can relate. I’m able to share my stories and help educate those who may have never dealt with some of these chronic issues. Through this journey of having a blog and sharing what i feel helps me so much. I have talked to some amazing people who get what i’m going through. I also want to thank my family and friends who were there and continue to support me! We can get through this together! Zebra Strong!

-Stay Beautiful



♥ Chronic Illness Must Haves

Chronic Illness Must Haves

Ice packs and hot packs!

These are amazing to have for absolutely anything! Also, if you’re clumsy like me it’s good to have a couple on hand! (step by step on previous post!)

A nice big pillow!

I am constantly uncomfortable and in pain, it’s nice to have for back support and other areas like the knees, hips, neck etc.


In order for me to get comfortable and content with where i am at, blankets are a must for me! Doesn’t matter the weather i need a blanket handy!

Relaxing activities!

For me personally adult coloring books, some colored pens, and music is a must! I can take them anywhere with me! i can even take them in the car and to the doctors!

Comfort items!

I always carry comfort items of all kinds with me! I always have some books, tea, candies, pictures, etc in my bag! Sometimes it seems endless! Haha

Comfortable clothing!

Comfortable clothing is a must! Maybe you want to be comfortable on a long ride to the doctors or even around your house! It doesn’t help adding uncomfortable clothing to the mix of pain and discomfort were already in! I usually carry around a pair of fuzzy socks!

A journal/book to write in!

If you are like me and do better writing down what you are feeling more than talking, it helps! A lot of times i write down what i feel because i can’t always explain verbally. I then go and talk about and show my mom and the people i trust!

Those are some of the things that help me! I hope i was able to give some ideas that may make you a bit more comfortable! Feel free to share your ideas!

-Stay Beautiful!



♥ 10 Things People Have Said About My Chronic Illness That I Hate!

⊗ 10 Things People Have Said About My Chronic Illness That I Hate!

  1. All of your problems will get better if you get up and move around and exercise more!! 
  2. You don’t look sick! You look fine, why make things up? 
  3. Quit trying to get attention by faking an illness, I dont believe you! 
  4. You’re too young to feel pain! Just wait until you get older. 
  5. There is nothing wrong with you, it’s all in your head.  
  6. You’re such a hypochondriac, quit being paranoid. 
  7. You’re too young for so many medical problems! 
  8. It will get better just be patient and wait. 
  9. If you were to sleep more you wouldn’t have to take naps. 
  10. Have you tried eating and being healthier? 


Stay Beautiful!


♥ Spoonies?

What does being a spoonie mean?

Spoonies are people who live their lives with chronic illness. Basically spoons represent emotional and physical energy. We start each day with spoons and every action takes some of the spoons. The bigger the job the more spoons. “Running out of spoons” is a way to tell others you’ve used all your energy.

What takes the most spoons?

 ♥ I would have to say washing my hair is exhausting I have really long get real tired and really sore arms.

How did you find out about Spoonies?

  I first heard about it when I started my blog! I was confused of what it meant at first so i researched and asked others. I now have a very good understanding of it all!

How Does it feel that others are in the same situation?

  Honestly, It’s saddening. I know first hand what some of the pain feels like. Everyone is different so personally I am really effected by my energy loss and pain. It’s the type of feeling no one should have to go through. The exhaustion is constant for me. I wake up feeling i could sleep for years. I can’t do anything someone my age could do, such as sports and being up on my feet for long periods of time.

-Stay beautiful!




DIY Heat/Cold Packs!


  • Sore muscles
  • Pain
  • Anything!


  • Uncooked rice
  • Fabric of your choice
  • Tread
  • Needle



For hand size heat packs cut the fabric 9 1/4 by 5 inches



Flip the fabric so the inside is facing outwards

20170606_190647 (1)

Stitch both sides and leave the top open!


You then want to turn it inside out so the stitching is on the inside.

Fill with your rice, fold the edges in and stitch!

Put in microwave for no longer than 10 seconds

Careful! It’s going to be hot when you first take it out!

Enjoy your heat pack!


Hope these help you as much as they help me!

-Stay beautiful!


My Story About Finding An Answer

Hello everyone!

Today’s posts are going to be a bit different…

I want to talk about how life was leading up to my diagnosis..

I was a normal 12 year old going to school making lots of friends and getting straight A’s. First time i noticed when something was really wrong was something that happened in school. I was in science class painting a bottle rocket made from a soda bottle.. I felt weird so i ask to go into the hallway for some fresh air. Next thing i know is i can’t speak and i’m falling with a fuzzy head. All i remember is my science teacher picking me up and running me to the nurse, when i got there they called home and my mom came to pick me up. That same day i went to the doctors and that’s where it all started.. “Shes fine it was probably the heat”. At first i was like okay.. they’re right!

I went to school the next week and i kept getting dizzy and light headed, adding to that i had bad stomach aches. I went to the school nurse and told her how i was feeling.. she sent me back to class. When I got home that day i told my mom what happened, and we were going to keep an eye on it to make sure i’m not getting the flu or anything. The next day i went to the nurse again with the same problem and she refused to call my mom. I went to the bathroom and texted my mom to come pick me up, when she got there I was dizzy had a stomach ache and my face was flushed as red can be. Something wasn’t right..

That’s when the doctors started running test after tests on me to figure out what was happening. They did TONS of blood work and other tests like checking my brain and heart making sure i was okay in that aspect. At the end of my cardiologist appointment they told me i have a prolapsed mitral valve, that scared me but they told me it was okay and that they were going to followup with me every few years.

As time went on more symptoms, more tests, more fear..The doctors said i didn’t have anything. That is when they started telling me rude things.. “it’s all in you’re head” “You’re a hypochondriac” “You just want attention”. As I listened i knew what i was feeling but i was starting to believe what they were saying. I then over time developed severe depression and anxiety, the doctors didn’t believe me only my family did, my mom noticed me isolating myself and talked to me. My family was really supportive and then got me some help…The depression was worse than i thought, I fell deep into a black hole and just kept digging. I had many thoughts.. “Why won’t the doctors believe me?” then i had thoughts like “Why am I still here?” I felt like I was taking up all the doctors time with me being sick so constantly. After some time my depression lessened but was still there.

I finally got sent to a GI doctor His name was Dr. Kuhn, as soon as he came in the room he gave me a feeling that he was going to take good care of me and help us figure this out. He ran tests and we were still stumped but, he didn’t give up on me. As time went on i got my depression a little more under control but i gained ever more symptoms. My bones and joints were constantly popping out by such simple movements like turning my head. I had been to orthopedic doctors and they just told me i needed more exercise.. I was doing physical therapy three times a week for 2 hours. I as time went on i got worse.. and i lost all hope..

I recently in 2015 got referred to another orthopedic doctor because they told me i had scoliosis, at this point it didn’t surprise me. When we got there the checked me over..we noticed stretch marks all over my body like a pregnant women. At that time i was only weighing in at 90lbs and i was 5’2, that stumped us. He then mentioned his wife was a genetics doctor, he referred us to her we waited well over a year for an appointment. When we arrived they bought me in and looked at my charts..ran blood tests to make sure i didn’t have the more severe types. She then went in the hall to talk to the others..when she came in she told me i had Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Hyper-mobility. My mom and i looked at each other with tears in our eyes..happy tears, because after 7 years i finally got answers and a diagnosis.

Thank you all for reading my post!! I will have many more to come relating with this.. Stay tuned and thank you for all of the support! If you ever need to talk about you’re battle feel free to message me!

P.S. I want to thank all the people who have supported me through out my troubles and all.. I love you guys! ❤

-Stay Beautiful




Boy oh boy it’s been a long past couple weeks. Spent one Thursday evening in the emergency room after i fell down a couple steps. As i was walking down my knee dislocated and my ankle gave out and my full body weight went onto my bent ankle. My mom and sister took me to the hospital and after hours of x rays and waiting we were told it was a bad sprain and possible damage to my tendons, ligaments, and muscles. As the days went on i had bad swelling and bruising. I was so bummed that i was going to miss prom but i wasn’t giving that chance up for nothing! If i had to go to prom in a wheel chair i would’ve!

A couple days after the accident It still was pretty painful so they gave me a boot to wear.

Stay beautiful!