My Day..

My day today was long and tiring. It all started when i woke up, i reached to push my hair behind my ear and my shoulder dislocated. Luckily it popped right back in, my shoulder and the surrounded area is so sore.

Not even 2 hours into the day and i felt so exhausted i could drop. I tried doing everything i needed to do before i took a nap. I then slept for about 2 hours and woke up still fatigued  (Some of you can relate if you have chronic illness), as i was walking to get changed out of my pajamas my knee cap popped so loud my mom could hear it in the next room. That was the most painful dislocation i have had all week so far.

For the remainder of the day i tried to keep relaxed and settled hoping to ease the pain, body didn’t want to cooperate (lol). I have noticed a lot more recently about how much my EDS effects my everyday life, looking back i can’t remember a day where i felt pain free. I don’t know what not having pain feels like, everyday my body aches and i get massive pains in my stomach as to where it doubles me over. To me my pain has become part of my everyday life..To others my pain would be absolute hell.

Everyday has become such a struggle but i can’t let my EDS stop me from everything. I’m strong enough to get through this…You’re strong enough to get through this..We will do it together a step at a time. Were Zebra strong!

Stay beautiful!


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