♥ Chronic Illness ♥ My Bucket List! ♥

  1.  I LOVE all animals and wildlife! here are some that are too amazing to pass up!7c6733a327b397edb1e7e2173945411f    6bb57e5038e89cb10d2c9afd44904897    333a750e366a257c165d0e60c527673e     cdb504070995fc87e1ff1694e469b99a  66ef5aaa84ff35e5f80c8f3be052a917    ec422f8e3152db1995297239b91d95c9


2. I love trying new things and being outside when I can!

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3. I also really love the water, something about it takes away some of my pain.

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3. I would LOVE to travel and help people from all over!!

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Those are somethings that are on my bucket list!! With having a chronic illness I want an even bigger challenge doing things iv been told I may not be able to do.

-Stay beautiful!

Cassie ♥

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